About Soho Knives

Hi Welcome to official blog for Soho Knives.

Here you will find news, updates and articles – posted weekly – on Knife Brands, knife types, accessories, guides and much more as well as bits of information and links to other interesting knife related stuff from across the web.

So who,where and what is Soho Knives? Well, Soho Knives is the dedicated Knife Website for Denny’s Uniforms. Through our shop in Dean Street, Soho, we’ve been selling a diverse selection of knives – both Western and Japanese – to the working Chef and the home enthusiast for over 20 years.

We’ve sold a wide range of knives in that time but currently we stock: Wusthof Silverpoint, Wusthof Classic , Wushtof Classic Ikon, Kai Shun, Wasabi Black, Victorinox, Sabatier Perrier, Henckels Twin Chef, Henckels Twin Pure, F.Dick, I.O.Shen, Kasumi, Global and Global Sai.

Situated in the West End, we are surrounded by restaurants, and as the go to shop for Chef’s in search of quality professional chef’s knives, we have learnt a lot of tricks, tips which, along with our staff’s expert, friendly advice, we always pass on to our customers, now we will share this with you via this blog (along with any news, deals and offers that we have.)

At Soho Knives we are Knife enthusiasts, so as well as offering some of the best Knives on the market today, we are constantly searching for new ranges and special one-offs. With so many things to consider be it shape, material, weight or balance, we feel this is the best way to meet our customers’ ever changing needs and expectations.

We hope you find this blog useful, informative, thought provoking, discussion starting and myth busting!

There is certainly more out there for us to learn and explore so if you have an interesting fact, or a question you want answering, let us know.

For now, thank you for coming to our blog, we hope you enjoy it.

Take a look at the official Soho Knives website here.

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