Soho knives home(page) improvements

  • New banner with link to new catalogue and offers
  • Links to bestselling brands for easy shopping
  • 10% off your next web order, when signing up to our mailing list
  • Brand new offers monthly (and flash sales throughout the year, sign up to stay in the know!)

Soho Knives has been under the knife (pun very much intended…sorry)

So what’s new?

We have a snazzy new banner which links to our brand new catalogue (which will be going to print in the coming months).


The banner also links to our monthly offers page. Here you’ll find six new offers each month, featuring some serious discounts to some of the most popular knives, be sure to check back each month to check out what’s new.


Beneath that are some of our bestselling brands (with some enticing new images) to make it easier to find what you know and love.


Below the brands we also have four of our best sellers which will change periodically so you can see what’s the must have of the moment.


We’ve also tidied up the menus to the left, which will make finding what you’re looking for easier.

When you go to our home page, you’ll get a pop-up asking you to sign up to our mailing list if you want to hear any news from us or receive our offers to your inbox.


We are tempting you with 10% off your first order, so sign up!!! Missed the pop-up? No worries, scroll to the bottom of any page and you’ll see the sign up box.


We’ve also added a ‘why buy from us’ box.


Now, whilst we know, that you know why we’re the premier place to shop for knives (we hope) this box just contains some helpful information for you, which you may not have known before.

This is just the beginning of some, hopefully, awesome changes to the website which will make your shopping experience quicker, easier and much more enjoyable.

Of course we still offer (probably? Definitely!) the best selection of knives and with our new monthly offers, and flash sales (sign up on  to stay in the know!) there’s even more reason for you to pay us a visit!

If you hear about any awesome new knives, let us know, we’re always looking to expand our range. What’s that? Where can we see all these changes and shop for some excellent knives? Fear not, we’ve got you covered, right this way!:

Until next time!




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