Brand new and exclusive professional knives at Soho Knives

  • Brand new and Exclusive knife ranges; Soho Knives Forged and Soho Knives Black
  • Made in Sheffield, a city renowned globally for the finest cutlery
  • Designed by the Soho Knives team after researching current knife trends and listening to Chef’s
  • Click here to find out about the launch date and special launch day offers!
  • Visit our official site at www.sohoknives to see our wide range of knives

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Soho Knives has combined the expertise and knowledge imparted on us by our loyal fleet of Chef’s and the world-class heritage of Sheffield, the home of British cutlery, to bring you 2 brand new and exclusive knife ranges; Soho Knives Black and Soho Knives Forged.

To celebrate there will be a two-day launch event in store on the 7th and 8th of May as well as some rather special prices.


Our brand new Soho Knives Black range

Our brand new Soho Knives Black range

As the name suggest, we love knives at Soho Knives (and not in a weird way) and so scouring the known world for more knives is kind of an obsession, but the most important thing is sourcing knives that are the best quality and offer the best value to you, our customers.We have been asked fairly often for a wooden handled knife and as we couldn’t find anything anywhere that was both a quality product and competitively priced, we thought we’d make our own right here in Britain in a City you may have heard of called Sheffield.

Our brand new Rosewood Handled Forged knife

Our brand new Rosewood Handled Forged knife

The quality of Sheffield cutlery is known around the world and so both of our new ranges will have the ‘made in Sheffield’ symbol etched on the blade as a mark of pride in the heritage of what is now a 21st century British producer City.

With our long history in Soho and with Sheffield’s decidedly longer history in making knives (they’ve been tinkering with cutlery since 1624) we feel we have produced knives which are of the highest quality and we can’t wait to get them on the shelves!

So next week and for a whole month after, we will have the knives available for people to try in store, so if you are in London and fancy giving them a go, come and give them a try, we are right here

And in the next few days we will have some reviews from some Chefs who were kind enough to test them for us so you don’t have to take our word for it!

There will be a full product review of both the Black and Forged range next week as well as photos and maybe even a few cheeky videos from the event.

But for now to find out exactly what’s going on, Visit our official site at www.sohoknives to see our wide range of knives and read all about it!

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