Knife Myths – Don’t you give me that knife!!!

There are a fair few knife myths flying around the internet, so I thought I would tick them off one by one explaining the origins of the myth (if I can find it)

whether or not you should believe in it (the answer will most likely and most often be no!)

And just how to avoid the probable mishap that will befall you if you don’t hop on your left foot over a hill 10 times at midnight, holding a 30cm Cook’s Knife aloft while reciting ‘Final Count Down’ dressed in a onesie*…. 

There are some from certain parts (Haven’t the foggiest as to where these parts may be) who believe that you bestow bad luck onto someone should your gift of choice be of the cutting variety, (which isn’t true, knives are great gifts for the culinary inclined) that is to say: Don’t give me that knife!

The reason it is considered bad luck to give a knife as a gift is that, the giving of a knife is seen as the severing of a relationship, symbolically of course.

Giving this as a gift is bad luck apparently

Giving this as a gift is bad luck apparently

This would seem to pose quite a problem as knives prove to be quite a popular gift the world over for special occasions including but not limited to: Birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah, Graduations and Weddings.

Now I am no expert on all of these special occasions, (apart from Birthdays, I can now successfully navigate the pitfall of gift giving after a quarter of a century of existence) but the last thing you would want to do is silently tell the recipient that you hope your relationship is severed or their relationship is severed with someone else, unless you’re a really bad person.

So how do we get around this? Because the fact is, a good Cook’s knife is a terrific present, and giving that culinary genius in your life a brand new knife often leads to wonderful things like this:

This could be yours if you choose a knife as a gift. Does this look like bad luck?

This could be yours if you choose a knife as a gift. Does this look like bad luck?

Well the way to get around this little problem and ensure wonderfully prepared meals forever is to do the following: Once you have chosen a wonderful knife, take a shiny penny (or dull one if a shiny one cannot be found) and place it with the knife and wrap it in wrapping paper.

Once you hand over your gift, and shortly after the lucky present receiver has overcome the sheer joy of unwrapping their shiny new knife, all they have to do is give you the enclosed penny, thus symbolically paying you for their gift and avoiding any severances.


Of course you will probably have to explain why the penny is in the box in the first place and I would advise against placing a larger amount of cash in there, as you probably won’t get it back (not that I’m calling your friends or relatives thieves or course) and then you may well find what was once a myth becomes are chastening reality…

So there you are, knives are a great gift, which makes us at Soho Knives the keepers of the perfect gift! So why not visit our official site at www.sohoknives to see our wide range of knives and grab your significant other something shiny!

So, crisis averted!

On to the next myth!!!

*Please don’t find a hill and hop over it waving a knife around. This is a bad idea. A REALLY bad idea and I accept no responsibility for the consequences!!!!!! (Please don’t do it)

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