Profile: Sabatier Aîné & Perrier

  • K Sabatier knives have been crafted in Thiers since 1834.
  • Sabatier Aîné & Perrier is the oldest knife maker still in existence in the region of Thiers
  • The current Generation is the 8th Generation to be producing K Sabatier knives in Thiers
  • Unlike some brands which may claim to be made in a region, all production takes place in the lower region of Thiers, from the forging process right through to the polishing
  • All of this work is done by a highly specialized and skilled work force and not by machine
  • The “K” is an ancient Thiers mark that can be found in the town archives, engraved on the cutler’s Table d’Argent, dated 7 June 1813, number 231.
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Sabatier Cook's Knife

Sabatier Cook’s Knife


There are many who stamp this name to their knives in the hope this great, historical name will add some grandeur to their otherwise mediocre product, but few can claim to have the quality in their product that should be synonymous with the name.

A brief search in your favourite search engine will tell you that the name ‘Sabatier’ is used by a great host of manufacturers as the name came into existence before intellectual property laws. The only caveat for all of these manufacturers being the use of a second word or symbol to differentiate between each of them.

Sabatier Aîné & Perrier are the oldest makers of Sabatier knives, their knives can be recognized by the ‘K’ next to Sabatier.

But age does not always mean quality and where something is made – despite the stigma that is sometimes attached to items produced in the far east – is also no bearing on the quality of a product, so the question is, are K.Sabatier the best Sabatier knives?

The answer: Without a doubt.

K.Sabatier knives are crafted in their entirety, from the initial forge right through to polishing, by a skilled work force and a family who have been creating knives in the region for 8 Generations.

They pride themselves on their expertise and the production of a quality product. They are also reliant on knife making to live, and they implore their customers and future customers to ‘preserve our jobs, preserve our expertise.’

And given the elegance and beauty of their knives, as well as their quality, I implore you to do so too.

K.Sabatier knives are close to being totally unique for a professional knife, in that their design could be considered old fashioned, especially when compared to the modern Cook’s knife which has a very deep blade and aggressive curve.

K Sabatier are defined by a shallow blade with a straight cutting edge, which only begins to curve toward the tip. The bolster is also very straight.

The reason I’m writing this is because we have had many customers come in recently who have been saying that they don’t know whether they can trust the Sabatier name; but you can.

And once people pick one up, their doubts soon fade, and they realize that K Sabatier knives really worthy of the historic name.

Take a look at our full Sabatier range, or pay us a visit and pick one up and see just how great these knives are.

Until next time

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