Happy 200th Birthday Wüsthof!!!


200 this year, still going strong

200 this year, still going strong

Wüsthof turn 200 this year (which you wouldn’t guess from the look of them) and to celebrate, Wüsthof have released four limited edition, fully forged knives in the Classic range to celebrate. YAY!

1) Kitchen surfer

10cm kitchen surfer. (It's a paring knife)

10cm Kitchen Surfer

The kitchen surfer is essentially a Classic Paring Knife with two big differences: The first is to do with the blade, it has a much deeper blade than a standard Classic Paring Knife and the blade is more curved. The second concerns the bolster, which unlike the classic paring knife, is a half bolster. (It’s also almost half the price of a normal Classic Paring Knife!!!)


2) Fluted Santoku

11cm Santoku

11cm Santoku

‘But Wüsthof already do one of these?!?!?!’ I hear you say.

Oh but this one is very special indeed! At 11cm it is the size of a paring knife, but has the depth you would associate with a Santoku, So despite its diminutive size, it is still a very useful knife. And let’s face it, you have always wanted a Paring Knife sized Santoku and if a knife could ever be termed cute, then this one certainly is!

3) Spreader Knife

Spreader knife

Spreader knife

If you love sandwiches – and I am yet to meet anybody who does not – then you will love this knife.

Crusty cob? (To those not from Nottingham or anywhere else in the midlands, a cob is a: bread roll, bun, barm, bap…basically anything round and bread like) Yep the Spreader knife will cut that open for you.

Need some cold meat to go in that, some lovely (German or otherwise) sausage maybe?  Yep, don’t worry the spreader knife will cut that for you no problem.

Need to spread some butter, soft cheese, sauce or chutney on that? Did you see the name of this knife?? Then you know you’re covered. This is the all in one sandwich making knife. This kind of knife is very popular in the rest of Europe I am told and as we love sandwiches just as much as they do, maybe it’s time we started using this wonder creation and what better way to get started than with this limited edition Spreader knife in the Wüsthof Classic range

4) 12cm Granton edge Cooks Knife

12cm granton Cook's knife

12cm Granton edge Cook’s knife

This little knife is definitely for the Wüsthof aficionado, this little one-off knife is for those who want to have that special something in their set that no one else is likely to have. Let’s face it, now that you have the other 3 special 200 year celebratory items in your knife bag or kitchen, you might as well grab this and make it 4 for 4.

Check out the fantastic prices for each of the limited edition knives here, you know you want to!

So if everyone could join me on three: One, Two, Three: HAPPY BIRTHDAY WÜSTHOF!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And we wish you many more!)

Until next time

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