5 reasons your hand sould be holding an I.O.Shen right now

  • I.O.Shen knives have the weight of a German knife with the sharpness of a Japanese blade
  • Hard steel for the cutting edge gives edge retention and sharpness, softer outer core gives flex and give
  • The Thai Tang is unique to I.O.Shen making it stand out from the crowd
  • CATRA awarded I.O.Shen ‘Excellent’ for cutting edge and edge retention
  • I.O.Shen has won and been nominated for The Excellence in Housewares awards (Think Oscars…but for Knives)
  • Now you know all of these things I know you want to check them out, go on, take a look
  • Visit our Official site at SohoKnives.com to see our wide range of knives
What a beaut

What a beaut

There are many Japanese knives on the market, and opinion is VERY much divided, so at the risk of putting my hand right into the heart of the hornet’s nest and giving it a jiggle, I’m going to give you five good reasons why you should part way with your hard earned cash and get your hands on an I.O.Shen knife in time for when you next don your apron.

1) You know that weight you really love in a traditional – and often – German knife, which you just couldn’t live without? And that Acute angle which offers unrivalled sharpness which can only be found in those feather light Japanese knives? Well East met West and they left I.O.Shen behind. It is one of the few knives (only?) which offers the weight that so many people are now accustomed too AND the razor sharp 15 º angle that Japanese blades offer.

2) A little more on that I.O.Shen blade: I.O.Shen use something called TripleX Steel technology, which is kind of like Triple H; who is hard and unforgiving surrounded by puppies, which are soft and forgiving. This basically means your cutting edge – which is only slightly visible from the surrounding softer metal and with a HRC62 rating – offers serious sharpness AND edge retention which means you don’t have to sharpen as often and it’s brittleness is protected by the outer layer which is much softer (HRC10 rating) and forgiving which gives the blade some give.

triple x + puppies =i.o.shen

This is basically how I.O.Shen knives are made which is cool

3) Now for the handle: That beautiful pattern you see in the handle is integral to the design on an I.O.Shen knife, it give it balance, stability and weight. The Thai Tang – as it is known – goes right the way through the handle, giving an I.O.Shen blade their uniqueness.

thai tang

As well as a unique look, this also contributes to the weight and balance of the knife

4) Now don’t take my word for it, CATRA (The Culinary and Allied Trades Research Association) certified I.O.Shen as “Excellent” – for both initial cutting ability and the conservation of the cutting edge – and they know a thing or two about steel check them out here

5) And I.O.Shen have won and been finalists in the Excellence in Housewares awards, so they have been recognised for their awesomeness which means you have to check one out —->here!

Want to get a feel for an I.O.Shen knife? Come and see us in Soho and try one out, we are just off Shaftsbury Avenue on Dean Street. We are pretty much between Leicester Square, Piccadilly and Tottenham Court Road tube stations. Alternatively, if you can’t wait to get you hands on one, click here!

Until Next time.

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