Profile: Kai

  • Over 100 years of knife making heritage (founded in 1908)
  • Still based in their home town of Seki City – location of the best Japanese Steel
  • Seki City is the home of Japanese Knife making and has been for hundreds of years
  • World renowned for their quality knives including Shun and Wasabi Black
  • Check out their website for more info
  • Visit our Official site at to see our wide range of knives


Who are Kai?

Kai were founded in 1908 in the historical home of Samurai sword, production Seki City.

Fast forward to the present and Kai are a world leading brand in knife production, so that means: surgical, scissors, razor blades etc, but most importantly for us and you; Knives.

Looking to the rich past of the region, which created some of the best Samurai Swords from some of the best steel in the Japan, Kai now look forward, marrying together skills from a distant past with a technological present, the result? Shun, the flag shop brand of Kai

Kai's flagship brand

Kai’s flagship brand

Looking at a Shun knife, you can see the values that Kai goes by shining through: Strength, balance, beauty, history, art; all of these things define the Shun range and these can only be found in the knife if the approach to production is holistic, philosophical and true to all that is best from the old ways.

Kai hand hones all of their knives for a keen, sharp and uniform edge, and the finely polished blades are at once elegant to look at and durable.

Though Shun is their most renowned knife, they have many other ranges, one of them being Wasabi Black.

Wasabi Black

Wasabi Black

The Wasabi Black range is the introduction into Kai, and though it can be considered the lower end, it by no means sacrifices on quality. Wasabi Black knives are made with stainless steel, with a lower hardness for easy maintenance. (The steel itself is comparable to the much more expensive Global range of knives.)

Rather than sacrifice on quality, Kai’s focus shifts to the qualities people at different skill levels want out of a knife. Once this is known, Kai deliver.

Want to learn more about Kai? Click here and check out their website.

We are proud to announce we now stock both Shun and Wasabi black at Soho Knives.

If you have any comments or questions, leave them in the comment section below.

Until next time

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