Wasabi Black

  • Stainless steel, polished blade
  • 14 blade shapes
  • Handle, made of bamboo powder and synthetic materials, embraces the blade closely to stop dirt getting in
  • Perfect introduction to the world of Kai
  • Manufactured in Seki City – centre of Japanese fine cutlery and quality professional knives
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  • Click here: Kai Europe for more information on Kai
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Wasabi Black Cook's Knife

Wasabi Black Cook’s Knife

Wasabi Black is a wonderful introduction into the world of Kai.

Many people have never used a Japanese knife and they find them daunting due to things like cost and maintenance, so they stick with something they know is easy to look after, easy to use and affordable.

Well the wonderful thing about Wasabi Black is that they are easy to maintain, easy to use and affordable. Then there is the added bonus that they are made by Kai, one of the leading Japanese Manufacturers in Knife making in the World. This means the same expertise and attention to detail you find in the Shun (pictured below) range is also found in Wasabi Black.

The same expertise found in the Shun range is found in Wasabi Black

The same expertise found in the Shun range is found in Wasabi Black

Wasabi Black is a perfect introduction into Japanese knives, the slightly lower Rockwell rating – 58 – means that you get a knife that is easy to sharpen and the stain resistant steel gives you a knife that is easy to look after.

Instead of the traditional wooden handle you find on many Japanese knives, the Wasabi Black range has a synthetic handle which contains bamboo powder, which has antibacterial properties.

Wasabi Black Yanagiba (Sashimi Knife)

Wasabi Black Yanagiba (Sashimi Knife)

The handle embraces the whole tang to stop dirt and food getting into cracks or gaps, making it a very hygienic  and stylish knife for the kitchen.

With 14 blade shapes, the Wasabi Black range is perfect for the professional Chef or the keen home Cook who wants something different for the kitchen, which is also affordable, without compromising on quality or style.

Want to see more in the range, click here, and take a look, you’ll be glad you did. If you want to learn more about Kai, ask below or take a look at their website.

Visit our Official site at SohoKnives.com to see our wide range of knives.

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