Kai Shun

  • 32 Layered, hand honed, Damascus steel blade
  • 30 Blade shapes in the range, including; Chef’s knife, Santoku, Utility knife, Slicing knife and Nakiri
  • Perfect for professional Chef’s and home enthusiasts
  • Manufactured in Seki City – centre of Japanese fine cutlery and quality professional knives
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  • Click here: Kai Europe for more information on Kai
Kai Shun Santoku

Kai Shun Santoku

Shun; to avoid, reject, eschew, these are just a few meanings of the word Shun in English, a very handy coincidence as once you handle one of these, you will Shun all other Japanese knives for…well…Shun

‘Why? What’s so good about Kai Shun Knives?’

Well let’s take a look at the heritage.

Seki City: Home of Japanese Knife making

Kai has been making knives for over a hundred years in Seki City, the centre of fine cutlery and professional knives. Why? Because Seki City has been famous for throughout its History for Samurai sword production.

Now I know what you are thinking, ‘every Japanese knife I see says it has Samurai heritage, so what?’

Well these knives are not claiming to be Samurai swords, or baby Samurai swords (cute?) But what they do contain is the knowledge and qualities that those Sword smiths had. Passed down from generation to generation, these knives have been made by master craftsmen who have known nothing else but crafting the finest blades.

All Kai Shun Knives are hand honed for a fine, razor sharp edge

All Kai Shun Knives are hand honed for a fine, razor sharp edge

The quality of Steel from Seki is the reason why there is a history of Sword making there, it is second to none and this is what sets their knives apart from others.

‘So what does all this actually mean?

It means when you pick up your 32 layered VG 10 Damascus steel, hand honed blade, with a Rockwell rating of 62 you will find you are handling a knife with an edge so sharp you will never want to use another knife again, you will Shun them all.

It means that due to someone hand honing your knife, your knife edge will be perfect.

It means your knife will retain its edge longer due to its Rockwell rating.

It means it will feel elegant, light and effortless in your hand.

It means it will be one of the best knives you will ever own.

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