Kai Shun Coming to Soho Knives


Soho Knives and Denny’s Uniforms are proud to announce that we will soon be one of the few stores where you will be able to buy Kai Shun knives in London.

We will have two brands from Kai, the first is the beautiful flagship brand Shun and the second is Wasabi Black, which is a wonderful introduction into the world of Kai.

‘We are delighted that a leading UK caterers supplier with a shop in Soho and [on the] web are going to be stocking Kai,’ said Alastair Fisher, MD of Taylor’s Eye Witness – the UK distributor for all Kai products.

Both brands will be available to purchase from our dedicated knife website Soho Knives and in store at Denny’s Uniforms in the heart of the West End on Dean Street, Soho towards the end of November.

Shun 20cm Cook's Knife

Shun 20cm Cook’s Knife

The first of the two ranges, the brilliant, world renowned Shun (above), are beautifully crafted hand honed knives with 32 layers of VG10 Damascus steel with a Rockwell rating of 62, meaning they have a razor sharp edge and retain that edge brilliantly.

Wasabi Santoku

Wasabi Santoku

The second range, Wasabi Black (above), are crafted with the same level of detail and intuition that marks the Shun series.  They are made of high carbon stainless steel with a Rockwell rating of 58 making them tough yet also easy to sharpen.

With so many people asking for Shun, extolling it’s beauty and quality, and with very few places stocking Kai in London, it is exciting that we at Soho Knives and Denny’s will be a representative of such a quality product  whilst being able to deliver what people have been craving.


Situated in Seki City, the home of Japanese Sword making for hundreds of years, the superior Steel and forging techniques were renowned throughout Japan. This heritage has passed into the production of Kai knives.

‘The Japanese think holistically about cooking, art and philosophy and so even the smallest task in the kitchen has to be done artfully,’ Alastair Fisher continues, ‘over many generations they have perfected the balance of strength, sharpness and beauty, a tradition carried on by Kai today.’

The question ‘When?’ has been heard many times over in Dean Street already, and an announcement will be made via Soho Knives twitter towards the end of the month letting you know exactly when you can get your hands on these fantastic knives.

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